Show Your Laminate Floor Some TLC!

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The laminate revolution has swept through American homes on a tidal wave of polished wood.

Perhaps you thought you were done with it, the moment you laid the last board.

Unfortunately, there still is a little more you need to do.

Don’t worry though, caring for your laminate flooring really isn’t that tricky and once you know how to do it, it will become like second nature.


What do you mean you’re still running the vacuum cleaner over your nice new laminate flooring?

This is the first mistake people make with laminate. Apart from the fact that some vacuums might scratch the surface of the floor, there is also the problem with some of the settings.

Rotating beater bars might not actually touch your laminate floor, but any rotating brushes can have the unfortunate effect of basically turning the humble vacuum cleaner into a wood sander.

These types of cleaner are best avoided altogether on your shiny new laminate.

So, what should you use instead?

Experts recommend a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner with the right sort of attachment (i.e. no scratching brushes) to remove the surface dirt.


And when it comes to a deep clean, then step away from that mop bucket.

Water is probably the worst thing you can do to your laminate floor.

Just because the top surface layer of the laminate seems tough enough, it must be remembered that a laminate flooring plank comprises of several layers of wood, bound together.

Water can get in between these cracks and weaken its structure.

Also, don’t even think about mopping with bleach, or any other type of chemical for that matter.

What you should be doing is using a damp – but not dripping wet – cloth, wrapped over perhaps a broom head or sponge mop.

This should be damped down with plain water and ought to be enough to remove any surface dirt from your laminate flooring.


Tough stains or dirt can be handled thusly;

If you have a problem such as chewing gum stuck to laminate flooring, try putting an ice pack onto it, to chill it down into a solidified piece.

Then you can chisel it off with something plastic – a credit card is ideal.

Other problematic stains like paint drops can be cleared with some very delicate application of an acetone nail polish remover. But make sure you clean it off properly, afterwards.

Follow these tips to keep your laminate floor sparkling for years and never go back to carpet again!

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